I am not a photographer

I am not a photographer. I can‘t even say I know how to shoot. So far I can hardly match the combinations of shutter speed, ISO and aperture. I am not also crazy for the technical novelties of photography. I keep in my hands quite old Nikon D90 which is not even full frame and 50mm f/1.4 lens bought by instalments. I sometimes make friends with a film camera. To say the truth, this one is like gourmet additive and slow pleasure. I did not attend to any courses of photography, I was never taught for this craft, it is not my activities since the primary school, sometimes my hands still shake and a focus goes for a walk somewhere. But I truly understand one thing: the essence of photography is light.

I have never thought the light can be so different. It is pure in the morning, sharp in the noon and the most beautiful light is in the evening – just before the sunset. What if there are clouds, lamps or light of bonfire? Studies, softboxes and even photo editing – everything is about the light and impression we want to give to picture. At night we also try to tame the smallest remainders of light by taking pictures of stars or lonely lamp outside the window. It is also interesting to watch the contrasts of light and dark creating a dramatic impression. I have to admit I do not understand the technology how the light paints the picture in camera sensor; not only a photographer but technology also leans on the starting point – the light.

It is very breathtaking when you are in the woods and sun illuminates macabre tree trunks creating a unique ornaments. Or when the sunlight falls through the torn clouds you can think it is God watching us. You imperceptibly stop and enjoy it. Sunset beams entangle girl‘s hair and they get a warm colour. As a knight of light with shining armour you tame the light by doing wonders – sharper of softer bokeh, spots of reflected sunlight and reflections in the house windows or water.

Therefore, you do not even notice when you start to say: “I feel the light”, “what a beautiful light!”, “I‘m chasing the light”. Similarly we speak about the different light. An inner human light which, my oh my, I want to learn to capture with non-shaking hands and reliable camera. Such works are great, stunning, and conveying the things you cannot express in words. That is what I call an art. Although each of us has our imagination of what art is, it is possible to discuss or argue until the end of the world.

After all, even after a long winter a cat or a grandmother sits next to each staircase of a house in the warmer day. Then we also prepare the picnic in the park – we need to charge as a solar battery. Why do I tell about it? Because I wanted to remind not about the importance of newest technologies and my dreamt full frame, not about the skills of photographer but about one of the most important components – vitamin D that had the guardians in almost all mythologies and currently understood as hope and good mood. I wish you always to carry your own sun.


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